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Tupac In His Wheelchair Been Discharged From Hosptial After The SHooting In New York, 1994On the 29th November 1994, a Manhattan jury had convened to deliberate charges of sodomy, sexual abuse, and weapons possession against Tupac, 23, and his codefendant, Charles Fuller, 24. They stood accused of molesting a 19-year-old woman in Tupac's $750-a-night, 38th-floor Parker Meridien Hotel suite on November 18, 1993. After the first day of deliberations, Tupac left for a publicity stop in Harlem, then went on to Times Square's Quad Recording Studio to record a track with Uptown Records' Little Shawn. Facing a maximum 25-year sentence, Tupac knew it might be his last recording session for some time.

  At 12.20 am 30th November, Tupac was running more than an hour late when he and his three-man entourage, including Randy "Stretch" Walker of the Live Squad, his close friend, and his manger Freddie Moore, walked past a black man sitting on a desk in the entranceway of the office building where Quad Studios is located. Little Caeser had yelled down to Tupac's crew from the top of the recording studio so Tupac knew Biggie was there and felt safe thinking that these men were his security. However the man gets up from the desk as two other men (also black) walk through the door. The three men follow Tupac's entourage until they get to the elevators. At this point the group pull out their guns and yell at Tupac and his peers, "Give up the jewelry, and get on the floor!", with this Tupac's entourage quickly gets on the floor but Tupac, been Tupac, curses at the gunmen and makes a lunge for one of their guns. This resulted in Tupac been shot around five times, and his manager, Freddie Moore, was also shot once.

  The robbers nabbed $5,000 worth of Moore's jewelry, as well as Tupac's $30,000 diamond ring and $10,000 in gold chains, they left Tupac's diamond-encrusted gold Rolex, resulting in them taking around $40,000 worth of jewelry. Freddie Moore gave chase to the robbers, collapsing in front of a strip club next door, due to his shot wound. During this time Tupac was dragged into the elevator and taken upstairs to the eighth-floor studio to administer first aid, this floor is where there was several well known individuals including Bad Boy rappers Biggie Smalls and Sean "Puffy" Combs. Tupac would later describe the scene of when he came out of the elevator as very strange. He said that nobody even got up to help him but only stared at him as if they were surprised he was alive. Tupac said that the only person showing any emotion was 'Little Shawn' who was crying. Because of this, Tupac believe Biggie and Puffy new about the arranged shooting and either didnt let him know or set it up themselves.

Tupac been admitted to hosptial on a stretcher after been shot in New York 1994Tupac reportedly had someone roll him a joint, as hemade a call to either his girlfriend or his mother, and then he called 911. When the cops showed up, Tupac again saw some familiar faces. Two of the first four police officers on the scene were William Kelly and Joseph Kelly (no relation), and "seconds later, Officer Craig McKernan arrived. McKernan had supervised the two Kellys in Tupac's arrest at the Parker Meridien and had just testified at the rape trial. "Hi, Officer McKernan," Shakur sputtered, lying naked in a pool of his own blood. "Hey, Tupac, you hang in there," McKernan responded, as an EMS team secured a brace around Tupac's neck and strapped him to a board. The stretcher didn't fit into the elevator, so he had to be propped upright. McKernan helped carry him out past a waiting photographer. "I can't believe you're taking my picture on a stretcher," Tupac groaned, flipping the middle finger at them (see pic)!

  Tupac was rushed to Bellevue Hospital. "He was hit by a low-caliber missile," says Dr. Leon Pachter, chief of Bellevue's trauma department. "Had it been a high-caliber missile, he'd have been dead." Tupac continued to bleed heavily all day, so at 1:30 pm, Pachter and a 12-doctor team operated on the damaged blood vessel high in his right leg. At 4 pm, he was out of surgery. At 6:45 pm, against the numerous complaints of his doctors, he checked himself out. Dr. Pachter said: "I haven't seen anybody in my 25-year professional career leave the hospital like this,". Afeni, who had flown up from Atlanta, wheeled the heavily bandaged Tupac out the back door, fighting through a crowd of reporters. The next day, Tupac made a surprise appearance in the Manhattan courtroom where his fate was being decided. He was wheeled in by Nation of Islam bodyguards, his charmed Rolex that the robbers didnt take on his right wrist, his left wrist wrapped in gauze, and his bandaged head and leg covered by a wool-knit Yankees hat and a black Nike warm-up suit (see very top pic). Tupac later did an interview with Vibe Magazine about the shooting and aftermath, click below to read it. He also would mimic the whole scene of him going up to the eigth floor after the shooting and seeing Biggie and Puffy, in a rare video in which he walks from the elevator covered with blood as Biggie begs for his life blaming Puffy for the set up. This was perhaps Tupac's way of getting the truth to his fans.



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