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In this section of our site you can find out a little more info about the friends The Notorious B.I.G. kept, and lost, including Lil Kim, Faith Evans, Puff Daddy, Junior Mafia and his early friendship with rival Tupac Shakur!

P.Diddy was a close friend of Bigige's in life and after death

P.Diddy, or Puff Daddy, as he was known back in the days with Biggie at his side, signed Biggie Smalls to his Bad Boy Record Label after hearing a tape Big made with Big Daddy Kane's DJ, Mister Cee. The tape won The Source magazines "Unsigned Hype" competiton and was handed to Sean 'Puffy' Combs, who was looking to sign a hardcore rapper to his label! Puffy and Biggie worked closely together on every track big worked on, and were always appearing together at shows. Even since biggie's tradgic death puffy has been working hard to make sure big is never forgotten! Puffy released the smash hit tribute to biggie, "I'll Be Missing You", a deeply heart filled tribute to the legacy of biggie smalls. He has also released a posthumus album of Biggie's recorded material that he left for the world to hear, an album crambed full of credited artists also wanting to be part of the legacy that is The Notorious BIG. Through biggie's life and after his death puffy has shown that he is a true friend of big's by also working alongside biggies mom, Volleta Wallace, helping her start up various organisations in big's name!

Tupac And Biggie Were Good Friends Before The Beefing Started

Yes they may be more well known for their beefing, ended in both artists been killed maybe as a result. But before Biggie blew up in the rap game the two were actually close friends. Tupac would let Biggie appear on stage with him at his shows to try and get Biggie's talents noticed, and even bought Biggie his first Rolex watch. However whilst Tupac was incarcerated, Biggie signed to Bad Boy Records, and never visited him in prison. Also Tupac laims that Biggie stole his lyrcis and ideas for his Ready To Die album, and Tupac had to re-write his whole album again, which ended up to be the "Me Against The World" release. Tupac also believed that Biggie and Puffy were invloved in his attempted murder, after this the beef started, and as we know it ended tradgically in both of the artists deaths!

Lil Kim Was Also Part Of Biggie's Group Junior Mafia

Lil Kim was a rebellious child living under the strict rules of her dad, Kim and her father constantly fought. After therapy sessions and physical fights, she eventually ran away from home. Forced to crash at her friends' apartments, live with drug-dealing boyfriends, and indulge in prostitution at one time in order to "gold-dig" her way into a man's heart, Kim eventually began to clean up her act upon meeting her mentor and father figure, and future lover, Biggie. While Kim worked as a salesperson at Bloomingdale's, her friends discovered that she could rap. Biggie encouraged his protégé to pursue a rapping career, and cast her as a member of the rap group Junior MAFIA, signed under Biggie's Undeas label. Lil Kim worked very close alongside Big on her albums and admired him as a mentor and father figure, she said, "Biggie Smalls, who I owe 85% of my career to; he's the one that gave me and the rest of Junior Mafia our shot at stardom". Soon enough it was clear that Lil Kim was obviously the group's star, and she released her solo album entitled 'Hard Core', which debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard charts, and became a critical and commercial success. But, at a time when Kim should have been toasting her success, tragedy struck and changed her life forever. Her friend, lover, mentor and creative partner, The Notorious B.I.G., was gunned down in a drive by shooting in L.A. on March 9th, 97. And though Kim always penned her own rhymes, it was Biggie who would be by her side in the studio, guiding her. His death not only shattered Kim personally and emotionally, but also challenged her creatively as she embarked on her highly anticipated follow-up to Hardcore. After Biggie's death Kim took a break from recording, but kept busy by touring with P. Diddy on his 'Bad Boy Tour', she also launched her production company 'Queen Bee Records' and eventually released her 2nd album through the company, the smash hit album 'Notorious K.I.M'. Since his death Lil Kim has been in many tribute songs to Biggie, and has worked alongside Puff Daddy to keep the legacy of biggie alive, including her uplifting shout out to Biggie Smalls on "Doing It Way B.I.G."



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